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So can you relate to this

  • Do you feel stuck doing all the implementation in your business or fixing work done by your team or contractors?
  • Does it feel like no one else can do what you do in your business and you're left frustrated every time you try to outsource or delegate?
  • Do you struggle to generate leads and lack the confidence when it comes to pitching your services or raising your prices?
  • Do you sometimes resent your business because it leaves you with zero time to have an actual life?

But what if...

  • You have a business which has a consistent full pipeline of leads and are able to provide value and service to clients...
  • You attract the right types of clients and have confidence in raising your prices
  • You put an end to the revenue yo-yo revenue cycle and have very steady and predictable revenue streams in place...
  • Claim back your weekends

What I Do

Digital Acquisition

I help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients / customers using Facebook Advertising and PPC
I do it better than anyone because of my “proven customer acquisition system”– my proven process developed based on the marriage between data-driven marketing and understanding social behavior.

Digital Analytics

​I help businesses know their numbers and grow their revenue i do this using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook Analytics and other platforms. i do that using my unique measurement marketing framework: Planning, Building, Reporting, Forecasting and Optimizing.

It’s All About The DATA
When you let data guide your decision making, you remove emotion, intuition, and guesswork from your process.
Data is the backbone of good business strategy, and I want every part of your organization to be empowered by data. A data-driven approach means you’ll have a stronger and more reliable understanding of your KPIs, customers, and revenue projections.

  • Driving Paid Traffic
  • Sales Funnels
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Stack and Automation
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Creating customers journeys
  • Reliable Tracking System
  • Predictable Traffic System
  • Profitable Acquisition System

Want More Conversions?

Want More Leads?

Want More Profits?

How can I help you?

Building Your Tracking System

Customers don’t just click on an ad and then buy. They leave. They forget about you. They come back. They do research. They compare. Days, weeks, even months later, they finally make a purchase. I will help you tracks every click and every purchase to see the true ROI of all your marketing investments.

Marketing Stack and Automation

People forget about all the technology that enables them to market. The stack is where it is at in marketing nowadays, and I am the best of the best when it comes to tools, marketing technology stack integrations and their operations. Let me help turn your marketer’s ideas into amazing marketing execution.

Link the dots .. Stack integrations

All roads lead to Rome and all data leads to Revenue. I connect your marketing and sales tech stack so that you actually know where your revenue comes from and why. My strong analytics experience means I don’t just recommend a CRM and call it day. I make sure the data is integrated, the stack works seamlessly, and you get the answers you need.

Building Your Profitable and Predictable Digital Acquisition System

My Paid advertising services help you generate immediate results. I connect your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them. I will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today and help you spend your advertising dollars wisely.

Building Your Lead Gen System

Every business wants more leads, and I can help. I pick the best marketing tools for your team, use a data-driven approach to increase conversions and get you more leads so you can hit your quarterly goals.

Building Your Sales Funnels

I believe that designing a website is more than just a face-lift. It’s about providing customers with the best possible experience and driving them to conversion. I leverage user data, funnel analysis, and an iterative design process to build beautiful, optimized experiences that make you more money. so you can get more sign ups with the same traffic and shrink your acquisition costs. The right tests can create tremendous results, and that’s where i come in. I do landing page optimization so well.

Building Your Email Automation and Customer Nurture System

Capterra found that every $1 spent on email returns an average of $44.25. Once I’ve optimized to get you more leads, I take care of those new leads with email automation. I create workflows to convert prospects into sales automatically and create a personalized experience based on interests and behavior. And just because I made the sale doesn’t mean the automation stops. I’ll help you identify how to turn customers into ambassadors using the right customer nurture programs. My Power Autoresponder Strategy Can Boost Your Sales and Profits in Just 30-45 Days. Maybe Even 7 Days. If You Have Any Kind of "Real" Business on the Internet, I Guarantee it.

Building Your Remarketing System

98% of your first time website visitors don't fill out a form, make a phone call, or purchase an item that you sell. That's why a sophisticated remarketing campaign isn't just a nice idea's absolutely critical to your profitability. The entire concept of remarketing is based on showing ads to your previous website visitors as they continue to browse the internet. so My first step is to begin analyzing all your previous traffic and their behavioral patterns in order to identify the segments that we want to target more a aggressively. With advanced segmentation and rule-based audiences, I have the capability of showing the right ad at the right bid to the people most likely ready to buy what you offer.

Building Your Reporting System

Your data isn’t just a stream of boring numbers. It’s living information with messages to share. You can better explore these narratives with data visualization. I can work with you to develop systems and design dashboards to give you full visibility into your company’s performance. so you can optimize your results and scale faster.

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